Baby Girl Scrapbook Albums, Birth Announcements, & Birthday Invitations!

So, its been awhile since I’ve shown you guys what I’ve been working on, I thought I would take today to show you some of my new stuff! I have much more in the works but getting pictures these days seems to be a harder task then you would think!
Need some special birthday invites? I just love these! Not too girly but still all there! These can be changed up to any age or any occasion!
First Birthday Invitations
These I just love and they came about on a mistake! Crazy huh? But I love them! The back holds a spot for a favorite picture you may want to show off!
Baby Girl Scalloped Birth Announcements

This is my favorite at the moment! It’s a book for your little sweetheart.
It’s not so baby so it could be used for any little lady and since not everyone is a pink person this one is all purple & green!
Sweetheart Baby Girl Album
Here’s a great one for any new mom! Its got a place for all the new baby information! Great for shower gifts as well! If I had a girl it would need to be pink LOL!
Baby Girl Special Delivery Album

All of my new items are available for purchase in my Etsy Store! You can also see more photos of each item there as well! If you have a baby boy don’t worry! New books are on the way for them too! I also have an Easter one in the works!
BTW the 3 albums left from my last batch are all on sale for $25.00!


  1. April Horsman says

    Oh they are gorgeous! I’ve got to check out your shop… one of my girlfriends is having a baby in the summer 🙂

  2. SleightGirl says

    Awwww! The birth announcement is so cute!

  3. My Dear Darling says

    Those are so wonderful. I love the playfulness of the albums with the complimenting ribbon colors!

  4. My Home - My Life says

    That birth announcement is amazing – I love it!!!!!

  5. Beth says

    Those turned out great! I especially like the birthday invitations.

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