New! New! New!

I am super excited to show off my new design to you. This one isn’t actually for sale I just used some stuff I had around to make it up. I just wasn’t sure if I could do it. The computer really isn’t my friend even though it seems like it is. Here is a closer up shot 🙂 So happy with its turn out. Why couldn’t I be so snazzy with my own wedding hee, hee!
I am also starting to make coordinating place/escort cards to match my wedding table numbers in my etsy store. I also added a few new designz this weekend as well 🙂
Look forward to a new line of wedding SETS coming soon! 


  1. NeaCakes says

    these rock chica!

  2. ConnieK says

    Very pretty!!

  3. thislittlepiggy says

    Lovely. :o)

  4. JaimeSews says

    Save the Date cards look great!

    Hey – I wanted to tell you that we tried your mac and cheese last night! WOW – very good. My husband didn't even add salt & pepper, as is his usual tradition! I had one question…in your pictures, yours looks really creamy (like velveta or something!) Mine was not, it was more grainy (for lack of better word). I was wondering if I was so concerned about burning the milk (which you warned us about!) that I didn't quite get it all the way to a boiling and maybe that was why? Let me know if you have any tips. Either way it was very yummy…just trying to get it perfect. Thanks again for sharing!

  5. Vanessa says


  6. Kathy and Carrie says

    Very beautiful…great job.

  7. The Fab Miss B says

    ooh la la! Love the rhinestone accent too!

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