We made it! Naples Florida

So, I managed to survive being away from my lilmunchkins for 5 days after all. While I missed them like crazy- hubby and I had a great time!!!
Here is a great shot of the Gulf Coastline from the plane right before we landed! We stayed at the La Playa Resort. It was where our friends were getting married. It was the nicest hotel I have everbeen too! This was the view from our top floor corner private balcony (the one I hated leaving).

This was the sunset from that same balcony!!
We could see the dolphins swim from our room. This pici got when I walked out to the beach!

For privacy purposes I won’t share many wedding pics but it was probably one of the nicest weddings that not only have I been to….but that I will EVER go to!

Here’s a shot from when they took their pics on the beach. My hubby was in the wedding so I stayed and watched while they took them. The happy bride & groom.

Hubby & I

More Dolphin shots from the Naples Pier!

It took many tries to pull off the “tail” pic! I kept getting so excited that I would take it the second it emerged from the water without thinking to pause a moment!

The prettiest crab I’ve ever seen!

The Naples Pier

A great shot of Hubby & I walking towards the pier to watch the sunset!


My favorite shot!



  1. ellen beck says

    It looks so beautiful there. I bet you both had a wonderful time. It Looks like a gorgeous place to have a wedding.

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