CVS Deal, sweet as usual!

I did it again LOL! Well, I do it often but I thought I would share my savings on a larger spending scale LOL! I spent a total of $54.69 for all of this. PLUS, I got $22.98 in Extracare bucks (aka ecb) for the next time I go. Unfortunately I didn’t have any this time I went in 🙁 Let me break it down a little.
The Pantene was on sale 3/$9.99 plus for every 3 you bought you also got $2 ecb. I also had $1 off coupon for 2. I bought 6 used 3 coupons. I paid $16.98 for them but also got $4 ebc for them. The Always pads were $4.99 each, you got $2 ebc for each plus I had a $2 coupon of EACH. So I paid $5.98 but also got $4 ebc for them.
The Kleenex were B1G1 plus I had a $.50 off coupon x2.
I paid $1 for the 2 men’s shaving creams…A total of $3 for BOTH disposable shavers packages!!
I got the last 2 Dawn’s and they said they would substitute the Palmolive for it which was great b/c I had $1 off coupons for all of them….they were $.99 each LOL!
The Oral B flossers were $3.49 each, came with $2 ecb each, and I had a $1 off coupon for each. Paid $4.98 got $4 ecb.
The Crest Pro White was $3.49 each, came with $3.49 ecb for each plus I got $1 off coupons for each. So in reality they paid me $2 to take them LOL!So remember clip and use your coupons. I often get coupons from more than one paper (LOL, I have people save them for me who don’t use them, so when there is a good deal I can get multiples). Some of the BEST deals come from the P&G saver which is only in the Sunday paper once to twice a month. And usually the great deals come a week or two after the coupons do. But they put some lame deal in when the coupons come out so you don’t have them for the great one LOL! SO if you get a great deal Let me know :)~
By the way…my actual savings were…..$97.80 which is almost twice the amount I even spent! And each item averaged out to $1.30!!!


  1. Polly Wolly says

    You go, girl! I remember when I loved shopping at CVS with my ECB’s! In late 2006, they ran a really good deal on ‘stuff’ and I still have Pantene Ice Shine Mousse and Shampoo/Conditioner from that one~after giving a ton of it away. (Dh worked part time there, so it was fun to make a trip in to see him, too…plus, the people didn’t give me a hard time over my ECB’s back then).

    You did an awesome job in that! Did you know that if something goes on sale and the store is out, they’ll do a rain check on the item? I got probably 7 packs of Charmin once for practically free (after my coupons) while getting a raincheck. I don’t know how it works or if it still works, but it’s just a thought…

    Oh, btw, my dh uses the same kind of deodorant as yours!!! Tell him I said so! LOL

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