What a week!

So, this week has been a very busy week around here. I just started working an extra day at my regular job {this week alone I actually managed to double my normal hours} and I have a couple intense orders through my scrapbooking business as well. Why is it that when things get busy they get busy everywhere? I got a wedding table order that is similar to what I normally do but with printing included. I say mean things to my computer printer regularly and usually avoid it like the plague. But this customer wanted a custom order with the table numbers actually being phrases that were specail places between the couple.
I got this order in my Etsy Store, and oddly enough the customer is right here in MA. So, I recognize many of these places although some I don’t know since I think she lives on the opposite side of the state.
Overall I was pretty pleased with them, and I wasn’t that mean to my printer either.
I also had a HUGE custom book order with 20 full-page spreads. This order was a local order and I have been slaving away at it. I still have 3 more full spreads to do and then its done!
Here are some of the pages. This grandparent page is one of my favorites!
Of course the pics don’t do the pages any justice. Which reminds me I really need to take the time to set up my new scanner hubby got me for my birthday….back in May LOL!


  1. TNT2008 says

    These look really great! Congrats on the custom orders.

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