Out of this WORLD! Gavin’s Rocket Ship Bedroom!

So, I went on this major cleaning thing yesterday. I started around 2pm and ended at 1am!!! My house is so nice and clean but I’m sure it will be a mess again by Wednesday!
My town does this huge consignment thing 2x a year, I usually put my stuff in it and volunteer a shift. This ended up being this past Friday. I was sick of tripping all over the infant toys my son hasn’t played with in the past year and decided to put them in! Thankfully every single one of them sold! So I decided to go through and clean his room really good. Here are the results 🙂

The crib needs to come down since my baby started sleeping in his big boy bed back in August. But its my mother in-laws, so I need to find out when I can bring it over. We borrowed it after the fire I didn’t want to invest in another one not knowing if Gavin would be our last.

All that’s left! These walls use to be lined with infant toys! Not anymore 🙂 I want to get Gavin a train table and put it where the crib is.

I know the “tent” is an infant toy, however, when Gav was a baby he had no interest in it. Now that he is older he plays in there often. He is usually found in there with a mound of toys!

The closet doors are off b/c my baby knocked them off the track so many times we figured just keep them off for now and put them back on later.
Here’s his closet all nice and clean! The top is summer and the bottom is winter.

Don’t waste your money on a diaper genie. They suck. I had one with my first son and once your little bundle of joy starts dishing out the real stuff you’ll be changing that thing daily. The Diaper Dekor rocks! I think I change it once a week. It doesn’t stink either. I have bought 1 refill and the system since Feb.

The ceiling fan….see the other light in the background…yes? There is a story behind this one. I had to have THIS light b/c it though it rocked! How can you have an outer space room without a rocket light, right? Yeah…well too bad its just an oversized, really over priced night light! I’ll show pics later.
Bed. This whole set is from OliveKids. The set is called Out of this World. i love it…although the $60 wall border around the room was the WORST wall border I have ever put up! The door. My hubby is not a fan of ruining all the walls with gates. With a set of steep solid oak stairs to the right I needed something safe. This is perfect. The lock is on the hallway side and there is a safety doorknob on the inside. When he gets older we have his real solid wood door in the cellar. This is great for now….or until he realizes all he has to do is use the chair inside to get out…..until then I try not to worry LOL!
These aren’t the best pics of the light at night. But it gets the point across. This by the way is the MAXIMUM amount of light that comes out of this baby! Hence, the second light in the room. This light does rock though. It puts stars all over the ceiling and the rockets change from blue to red to green (all 3 rockets change to each color).

Hope you enjoyed my mini tour. maybe another time I’ll show another room in my home LOL…it may be awhile until I clean like that again though HAHA!


  1. NeaCakes says

    Awesome tour. I like seeing all that you guys have done!

    I love the door idea!

  2. Hill upon Hill says

    It all looks great, how satisfying. I also love hte door.

  3. Hill upon Hill says

    It all looks great, how satisfying. I also love hte door.

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