Halloween Costumes that are Just Batty!

This is the costume I bought my 2 year old last night. Obviously my boy looks way cuter in it then this kid LOL….I’m partial remember! I originally went there for the red dragon costume since my lil’ booger has learned how to “ROAR”, but sadly they no longer had his size.
Last year we got the Old Navy monkey costume for him and I loved it, especially since the outfit is not only comfortable but warm! Here in New England it is rather cold by the time Halloween rolls around so I like to get them something they can be bundled up in. So I had decided to go back to Old Navy for his costume again this year.I struggled getting a black costume for my lil’ booger. I don’t like costumes where your child can vanish off into the night on you. We got Johnny a black Ninja costume last year and it was HORRIBLE to see. However, my baby is only 2 and will either be in a stroller or holding my hand the entire time so I figured it was the last year to pull off a black costume if I was going to attempt it!

What are your children going to be this Halloween?


  1. My home - My life says

    Aww so cute!

  2. NeaCakes says

    My nephew wore that one too last year! Super cute and loveeeeeeee the bat. I got a witch, witch and ladybug on my hands. And the Duggy Fresh and I will be dressing up too 🙂

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