Custom Baby Girl Brag Book and New Banner!

So, recently I got this order for a custom book from ZenDesignStudio. It is actually my favorite book to date! She is the one who made my awesome new avatar that’s in my store and here on my blog 🙂 I know it doesn’t fit right here but it was made for my store which is a bit larger in length. I just wanted to be able to use it here. That is my favorite font!


  1. Mama Z says

    Cute banner! LOVE the scrapbook!

  2. agoodwitchtoo says

    Nice blog! Those books are adorable!

  3. JaimeSews says

    Your banner looks GREAT!!

    My webpage is a free css template I found online. I use Dreamweaver as a site editor. I took the original banner (which was a butterfly on a flower) into photoshop and put in my own pictures. I also changed the color schemes a bit by messing with the hues. Thanks so much for the positive feedback!!

  4. ConnieK says

    YAY!! I LOVE the book, can’t wait to add AJ’s photo’s to it…I am sending over your new banner right now for the blog! Yay!!

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