Paper Bag Album- Little One

So, I finally finished a paper bag album and it was so much fun that I have 2 more in the works. One baby boy themed and one vacation themed. There are 10 pages not counting the front and back, and is roughly 6×6 in size. There are 3 inserts for the bag openings but you could also stick other memorabilia in there like smaller cards, etc. You will also find that I used glitter paper on almost every page (including the album cover and back) to add that special touch.
Both the front and back album are covered in little bird printed glitter paper. The binding has ribbons and fibers all the way down it. The title Little one is popped up to make it stand out.

The first 2 pages start off with the basic birth info and a tag to stamp one or both foot prints on. There is also a tag to write something on or include a baby picture.

It’s hard to tell but there are little pink rhinestone on the girl chipboard piece.

Just a sneak at how awesome this glitter paper is!

What baby book isn’t complete with a baby giraffe and monkey?
The little monkey is fuzzy to the touch.

All photo slots are made to fit a 3×5 photo. Which will help with cropping. Any professional pictures already come in this size.

The white paper piece slides out for writing or a small picture.

You could add another photo or use this area to add a sweet story about your baby.
Another 3×5 photo slot.

Another 3×5 photo slot… can never show off too many pictures of a baby.
All 2 tags are removable. You could also stick other items in here like cards.

All the items that are removable in this album. The three large squares go in the side opening pockets where you could also included cards or other items. Plenty of room for even more pictures and journaling.


  1. Anonymous says

    very cute! why may I ask is it called ‘paper bag album’? do you use grocery paper bags to make part of the album?

  2. Jennifer aka Jleighdesignz says

    Its made of paper bags-lunch size. Folded in half. They have 5 holes drilled through them and then machine sewn down the spine to hold it together.

  3. Anonymous says

    I see, thank you very much for explaining! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Cards By Jenna says

    Love your paper bag albums. These are such a great gift and very unique too!

    Also, love your blog template. The color combo is so pretty.

    Have a great day Jennifer!


  5. JaimeSews says

    Ok, I’m not a paper crafter so I have to ask a potentially silly question…how do these work? I mean, how does one put pictures in them? They’re adorable!!

  6. JaimeSews says

    P.S. – great job on the blog background! SO CUTE! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Live. Laugh. Love says

    Thanks for the help on the backgrounds! I jazzed up all my blogs LOL!

    No question is a silly question. You can use either scrapbook adhesive or even just tape. Set them around the mats. All mats will border the photos. If there is ribbon over it just slide it under the ribbon. All embellishments are placed so it does not get in the way of the placement of the photos. All photos are set to a 3×5 size in these books to make it easier for sizing ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

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