The Easter Story Egg – A New Family Easter Tradition {Plus Discount Code & Giveaway!}

Easter is one of my most favorite holidays. I love spring time and shaking off cold winter weather. It is so refreshing to get outside with all the spring flowers that make me so happy. Easter candy is my biggest weakness and by far my favorite holiday candy. I also love having another holiday to remember Jesus and teach my kids about His love. This Easter we have started a new family tradition to learn the true meaning of Easter. The Easter Story Egg is the next adorable product in from Star From Afar.

The Easter Story Egg includes a beautiful and brightly illustrated book and a set of 7 wooden nesting eggs. Starting at Palm Sunday, the Easter Story Egg walks children through the Holy week and ends on Easter Sunday.

Each egg has a story that coordinates with the book. As kids open each egg, they discover a new part of the Easter Story. The parts of the Easter Story include

  • Palm Sunday,
  • House of Prayer Monday
  • Teacher of Love Tuesday
  • Give and Take Wednesday
  • Last Supper Thursday
  • Good Friday
  • Holy Saturday
  • Easter Sunday

My kids have already loved reading the book all the way through again and again. They also love exploring the nesting eggs. The week of Easter we will start reading the Story Egg book on Palm Sunday and talk about each part of the Easter story.

On Monday you open the Palm Sunday Egg to discover your new Egg and read the story of House of Prayer Monday in your Story Egg book. Then you continue in this pattern until Easter Sunday. On Easter Sunday the little gray egg is empty symbolizing the tomb and Christ’s resurrection.

We have already loved this new tradition, and my kids have learned so much about the Easter story. The Story Egg is such a high-quality product. Each egg is hand carved and made of natural wood. The eggs are all so beautiful and brightly painted. It is a tradition we will do for years, and I will always cherish our Story Egg.

You can get The Story Egg and start your Easter tradition by purchasing The Story Egg from Star From Afar and use discount code DISCOVERTHESTORY for 10% off!

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  1. Amanda Acuna says:

    I think my kids would love this, it is always fun celebrating easter with eggs and the easter bunny but the real reason we celebrate is that Jesus Christ has risen!!

  2. Wendy O. says:

    Searching for Easter baskets! It could sometimes take us hours to find them because the Easter Bunny was just that good at hiding them. 😉

  3. Charlene S. says:

    Going to church and having a big Sunday dinner with family.

  4. Marilyn Nawara says:

    Going to the in-laws house for a big Easter Brunch.

  5. We go to church and hunt eggs after

  6. sandra says:

    the easter egg hunt

  7. Debbie Welchert says:

    Our favorite part of Easter is looking for Easter eggs and our family dinner.

  8. manda says:

    Meals with family.

  9. tabitha says:

    The only thing we really do involves the Easter Basket. I hide it and make her follow clues to find her stuff. lol

  10. Peggy Nunn says:

    We go to Easter Sunrise Service…. where ever we can find it.

  11. We always had a big family dinner. It’s hard now that I lost my 22 daughter. She chose to die by suicide about 16 months ago and all the holidays are hard now.

  12. Candie L says:

    My kids used to love Easter Egg hunts. Thank you

  13. Audrey Stewart says:

    We love coloring eggs.

  14. elizabeth miller says:

    Our Easter tradition is a big family dinner with an egg hunt. This year will be extra special though because my daughter will be getting baptised and making first communion on Easter.

  15. We love our family gathering after church on Easter!

  16. We love to participate in Easter egg hunts each year. So fun for kids!

  17. love the Easter Egg Hunt

  18. Vicki Wurgler says:

    I love the sunrise service at our church plus we have a brunch after

  19. Darlene Owen says:

    We love to do an Easter egg hunt.

  20. DEBIJOT says:

    Our favorite is the Easter Egg Hunt.

  21. Terri S. says:

    Our family’s favorite Easter tradition is going to church. We enjoy being together with our grown children and grandchildren for dinner.

  22. rochelle haynes says:

    We just have a family dinner

  23. Nancy Bowers says:

    We have an egg hunt for the grandchildren.

  24. Nannypanpan says:

    We enjoy the towns egg hunt

  25. I love this! What a neat idea! I think my kids’ favorite tradition is making Resurrection Rolls Easter morning. 🙂

  26. Amanda Alvarado says:

    We all receive an Easter basket from the Easter bunny that is hidden along with hidden plastic eggs with little items in them. After everything is found, we attend mass. In the afternoon, we go to my in laws for an egg hunt for the kids and BBQ.

  27. Michelle says:

    I would love to start a new tradition with my son.

  28. Jennifer Cervantes says:

    Having a lunch with family.

  29. Amy Deeter says:

    One of my favorite Easter traditions is taking my kids to Easter egg hunts

  30. shannon Baas says:

    going to sunrise services.

  31. My mom would always give each of us a loaf of her poppyseed bread in our Easter basket with the Easter story.

  32. Valerie Mabrey says:

    We go to grandmas, now great grandmas and the kids egg hunt in her big front yard.

  33. Lori Walker says:

    Dinner and pie is our favorite… and an egg hunt in the backyard with the dogs.

  34. laura bernard says:

    Having easter dinner!

  35. Kristyn M. says:

    We get together as a family for a big Easter lunch.

  36. Lisa Ann says:

    Our traditions are church, then spending the afternoon together as a family.

  37. Monique Rizzo says:

    We love coloring Easter eggs and watching Jesus Christ Superstar together.Thank you for the giveaway! Have a great day.

  38. Ashley C says:

    i love having Easter lunch with my family

  39. LaTanya says:

    going to church and then a big family dinner

  40. heather s says:

    We color eggs and have an egg hunt

  41. Michelle J. says:

    Going to church!

  42. Melanie Montgomery says:

    Church and then a family easter egg hunt!

  43. Susan Chester says:

    I love making Easter baskets for my grandkids.

  44. Terra Heck says:

    We gather at a town hall each year for a large feast and Easter egg hunt with the family. Thanks.

  45. Britta Bruderer says:

    My boys are super hands on learners. This would be a great way to involve them in the story and be able to physically connect with it!!

  46. Mary Cloud says:

    The only tradition we have is meeting up at my Grandma’s on Easter Sunday to eat.

  47. susan smoaks says:

    i love Easter egg hunts. they are my favorite Easter tradition.

  48. Fiona N says:

    We are going to my sister’s house for Easter egg hunts, and then dinner!
    Thank You for the chance!

  49. Leela says:

    Making crosses and weaves out of blessed palm leaves.

  50. shawna says:

    Church, Egg hunt, and a meal to reflect on why we celebrate Easter!

  51. Anne Higgins says:

    Attending church as a family then having a great meal together

  52. Rosanne says:

    We always had a full contact Easter Egg hunt in our house after Easter baskets with our 4 sons

  53. Laurie Emerson says:

    One of my favorite traditions is dyeing Easter eggs and then decorating them together the night before Easter.

  54. Lisa L says:

    We always go out for Easter brunch with our family.

  55. LC says:

    We enjoy going to the yearly neighborhood egg hunt. It’s quite fun!

  56. Stephanie Liske says:

    We go for Easter Egg hunts in the backyard each year.

  57. Sarah says:

    I’ve always just loved the family get-togethers at Easter!

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