Cleaning Tips for the New Year with @RealMrClean #LiquidMuscle

This New Year cleaning resolution tips post is brought to you by Mr. Clean as part of a Type-A Parent Community Sponsored Post.

There is something so refreshing about the New Year.  I love the feeling of new beginnings.  I have plenty of goals this year that I would like to accomplish for myself and also my family.   One of my goals involves my cleaning routine.  A clean house is good for the soul.  I can think clearly, and breathe easy when my house is clean and clutter free.  I have a hard time just sitting and relaxing when I know there is a sink full of dishes or when there is a mountain of laundry that needs to be folded.  I love a clean house but I love playing with my kids more.  I want my kids to remember me getting down on the floor to play with them not cleaning the house for hours.

Mr. Clean is coming out with a new product that will help my cleaning go quicker so I can play with my kids sooner.  Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle is an amazing multi-purpose cleaner with a concentrated gel formula.  It cleans with 2.5x’s the power!  It cleans absolutely everything from toilets to counter tops.  It made my stove top sparkle and quickly picked up grease and other stains.  Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle also smells great and has a unique auto-stop cap delivers the right amount, every time.  It penetrates dirt, fights grease, lifts stains and it’s great to know that none of it is ever going to waste.

Mr. Clean #LiquidMuscle

I have two busy little kids at home, sometimes cleaning is down right impossible.  With the new Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle I have one great cleaner to clean multiple places in my home.  No more carrying out lots of products to get jobs done.

Here are some of my cleaning tips that have helped keep my home Mr. Clean clean.

5 Cleaning Tips for the New Year

1. Clean as you go and stay clutter free.

Cleaning up as you go is sooo much easier than having one giant mess to clean.  Wipe down counters, put dishes in the sink, etc.  Clutter is my nemesis.  I hate when I know my house is clean, but it is clean under all the stuff!  Under the toys, stray goldfish cracker, and the random sock are clean counters and a freshly mopped floor from the day before.  Pick up the clutter when you see it, and teach your kids to pick up after themselves.  Hayden is 5 and when he is done eating he knows to take his dishes and put them in the sink. When we are done with a game or toy it is cleaned up before we get another one out.  Shoes go straight to closets.  Go through the mail, don’t let it pile up.  Just say no to clutter!

2. Involve your kids.

We have had chores for Hayden since he was about 2 or 3.  It has been so fun to work together with him.   For Mother’s Day Hayden filled out a questionnaire about your mom thing.  He said one of his favorite things to do with me was the laundry.  Cleaning can be fun!  We talk, laugh and dance to music as we go around picking up the house.  It can also turn into a great learning opportunity.  He can sort silverware, and match up socks.  When he helps me with the laundry we can talk about colors of towels, and what weather is best to wear what clothes.  Now that he is older we can count towels and do simple addition.  Turn your cleaning into fun games and learning opportunities for your kids.  Then you are getting some needed house work done, having some quality time with your kiddos, and they are learning.

3. Set up a cleaning schedule, and do laundry everyday.

Having a cleaning schedule is my saving grace.  One day I vacuum, the next day I mop, another day is to clean the bathrooms.  I spread out the household chores during the week and the month.  It is so much easier to get it all done that way and it is less overwhelming.  Find a schedule that works for you and stick to it!  Your house will be spotless in no time and cleaning won’t be so time consuming.  I use to just have one big laundry day. I know… what.was.I.thinking?!  Doing one load of laundry start to finish everyday has made it so much better.  I HATE doing laundry.  For whatever reason it is for sure my least favorite chore.  I hate folding and putting it all away.  Doing one load a day has made less mountains of laundry to tackle.

4. Set a cleaning timer, when it is done you’re done.

As much as I try to stay clutter free and clean as I go there are sometimes it just doesn’t happen.  Again I want to spend my day with my kids, I don’t want to spend it cleaning.  So for the times that there is a major disaster you must clean but you want to go outside and play with your kids more set a timer.  Then you and your kids both know that when that timer goes off mommy is done cleaning.  It could be for 20 minutes it could be for 5 minutes.  It is amazing how much you can accomplish in just 5 minutes.

5.  Start small and do only one job at a time.

Don’t look at cleaning as one huge mess.  It gets much too overwhelming and then if you’re like me you don’t want to do it at all.  If the kitchen is a wreck just start with the unloading the dishwasher, then focus on the dishes in the sink. Then take a break.  Maybe use the timer tip, when that timer is done you’re done.  Lots of breaks make the work go easier and surprisingly faster.  Also just start one job at a time.  Nothing tends to get done when I have started multiple projects.  The only thing I have at the end of the day is a lot of half cleaned stuff.

You will love Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle to help you have a wonderful and spotless New Year.  Happy Cleaning!

This is a compensated post brought to you by Mr. Clean. Mr. Clean is kicking off the New Year with the launch of a new product called Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle, a new multi-purpose, multi-surface concentrated cleaning gel that delivers superior cleaning performance on and off the floor. Be sure to like Mr. Clean on Facebook and follow @RealMrClean on Twitter.
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  1. joanna garcia says:

    i have two lil ones at home with me too and yes it is impossible with them lol but you are right i need to involve them in it!

  2. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) says:

    the cleaning timer is a brilliant idea!!

  3. Teresa Honores says:

    Clean as you go works for me and i love that timer idea!

  4. Christina Marie says:

    These are great tips. I especially like the five minute timer idea, lol. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Sarah L says:

    I don’t have kids, but I use the timer to get myself working on something and then being finished when the timer goes off.

  6. Vickie Couturier says:

    some points and tips,,I try to do them all

    • Vickie Couturier says:

      some GOOD points an tips

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