{Almost} Wordless Wednesday – Sting Ray!

When we went on vacation there is one moment that I will never forget! It was when johnny and I found a sting ray in the water on Sanibel Beach, FL! We almost didn’t believe that we saw it! Johnny was petrified to stand near it! I begged him too just so I could get this great picture!
I followed it all around.
I rubbed it’s fins on several occasions.

This was my favorite beach we visited by far! It was extremely kid friendly as it has no real waves, was shallow for as far out as you can image, and was filled with shells!
Of course Hubby thought I was absolutely crazy to go near it! Thought I lost my mind when I rubbed it!

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  1. ellen beck says:

    I have never seen a stingray in the ocean before. Seeing them on TV when they swim hey really look so bird like when they ‘flap’ to swim. I don even know if youre supposed to be afraid of them.

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