General Hospital…..Sneak Peak For the week of 4/17

From their website:
For the week of 4/17:
“Claudia’s attempt to save her life could end up costing two others! Carly’s pregnant — but will Jax let her risk her life?

For Claudia and Carly, the results are in! BOTH their pregnancy tests come up positive — which is great news for Claudia (now Sonny can’t kill her!) but less so for Carly (that medical condition she has could kill her!). Now Claudia must convince Sonny that she didn’t get pregnant in order to manipulate his loyalty. Which, of course, she did. But she’ll try to deflect suspicion by making it look like an unwanted pregnancy. Good idea? As for Carly, she’s determined to have her baby despite the health risks involved. Look for more dizzy spells in Carly’s future as the pregnancy looks more and more foreboding.

Jerry Jacks keeps making waves now that he’s back in Port Charles. Jax wants nothing to do with him, Alexis is freaked out to see him alive, and pretty much everyone else — especially Claudia — wants him dead. SO dead that she’d set up a bomb to take him out. But will her victim be who she intends? Answer: no. Poor, poor Jason.

On the Cassadine front, Alexis has convinced Nikolas that Rebecca might be in league with Helena. When Rebecca gets wind of this, she reacts the way anyone would; she punches Alexis’s lights out. Meanwhile, we find out what’s up with the painting Helena is obsessed with. It has something to do with a document attached to the back of it …

All this, PLUS: Maxie tries to seduce Spinelli — without much success; Ethan tries to pick Helena’s pocketbook — with even less success; Tracy’s out for blood when it comes to Ethan – and Holly Sutton; and Patrick and Robin bond over couples therapy and emergency surgery. All is temporarily well for the Scorpio-Drakes … until a heart-stopping accident at the end of the week. Don’t miss it!”

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    Thanks for the update! I haven’t seen GH in months! Sounds like a lot is happening!

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