{Falling Leaves}

This is our back yard I should really take a pic from our bedroom to really get the effects of the colors in the trees. With the sun shining so brightly behind them it hard to really see the color. That’s my boy practicing soccer near our fire pit for smores. I know I rarely post pics of my kiddos on here (something about pasting them on the internet, I have a family one for that LOL) but I thought I would share some so you can see occasionally who I am talking about here and there 🙂 My oldest decided to rake a bunch of leaves into a pile for his brother and him to jump in.
Of course they weren’t happy until Mom jumped in and rolled around with them. My oldest felt that I needed a picture of myself in the mix. (I don’t think I’ve posted a pic of myself at all on here before)
My oldest, so handsome!
My youngest. So cute!
Of course one looks just like Mommy and the other just like Daddy.
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  1. TNT2008 says:

    What a beautiful family and a great place you live. Thanks for sharing.

  2. eNVe says:

    Your yard is amazing! What a dream yard for any child! And your children are just darling! 🙂

  3. Glamorous Life of a House Wife says:

    Oh what fun! Looks like a day to remember. Great pix!

  4. Prasti says:

    classic! how fun to jump on a pile of leaves! we just have to watch out for hidden dog poop when do that from our backyard-LOL!

    thanks for visiting! it’s nice when he gets these “big” jobs done because i know i’ll just mess it up or cut off a finger!

  5. NeaCakes says:

    love the pics!

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