Mickey Mouse Meal Plates DIY Birthday Party {Sawyers 2nd Birthday Party}


When I started planning Sawyer’s 2nd birthday party I really wanted to find a way to make as much of it myself if I could. Not everything needed to be big elaborate projects and having little ones that I could do in advance were really helpful. One of my favorites were actually the easiest too.

Sticking with the black, white, & red theme I was going with I quickly realized that even basic supplies weren’t going to be available to me. The Mickey Mouse sets were all so colorful they just wouldn’t work. So, I made my own!

Mickey Mouse Meal Plates Birthday Party DIY

They were super simple and took no time at all. For supplies you’ll need:

As with most of his party we found almost all our supplies at Oriental Trading! Made it super simple to find what I needed and I didn’t have to face the crowds with all my kids!

Mickey Mouse Meal Plates Birthday Party DIY

First, punch out all your circles. Remember you’ll need two “ears” per plates. Simply take your glue dots and press the edge of your “ears” on them. They pull off and the glue stick will stick to the paper like this:

mickey mouse plates glue dots

Then stick the circle to the plate from behind like this. I found for spacing it was easiest to take an ear in each hand and stick them at the same time.

Mickey Mouse Meal Plates Birthday Party DIY

I made them for both dinner and dessert plates and even laid out on the table they got a lot of attention. The kids thought they were great and the little ones didn’t even need food on them to like them.

Mickey Mouse Meal Plates Birthday Party DIY

They were perfect for holding the Mickey & Minnie Mouse Oreo Surprise Cupcakes we made.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Cupcakes for Birthday Party  #momspotted

Stay tuned for other posts about Sawyer’s DIY Black, White & Red Mickey Mouse Birthday Party. Click the link to see the posts we’ve already shared to far!

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  1. Such a simple idea, but clever. It really adds to the festive atmosphere.

  2. These are fabulous! What a simple and perfect way to dress up those plates. I love your Mickey and Mini cupcakes too! Happy Birthday to your little one :-)

  3. Shannon says:

    These are super fun! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Notorious Spinks says:

    This is awesome. I love how crafty you are and I’m sure his Mickey Mouse problem was great!

  5. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) says:

    these are cute and simple!

  6. This is so cute, and so easy! Even I could do this :) Love the idea. My family has a love for all things Disney and this would be such a great theme for one of our parties. Thanks for the idea.

  7. Jessica Pinkard says:

    These are so cute and fun!

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