{Wordless Wednesday} 1st Day of School [7th & 2nd Grade!]


I can’t believe it’s September! Where did summer go? Like very year our schools kick off the 1st day of school the Tuesday after Labor Day.

Johnny 1st day of 7th grade

Johnny was not impressed with me still wanting to take his “1st day of school” pic but I told him he had to give me one. (see above) When I tried for a second telling his father to get in the picture I got a huge thumbs down. Hubs wasn’t thrilled either but knows it’s easier to just participate in my photo nonsense.

 Johnny 7th grade dad

I was banned from walking down to the bus stops. He said moms are no longer cool. :(

johnny bus

Gavin on the other hand was so excited about today that he even made his own sign! Isn’t it great?

Gavin first day of 2nd grade

He wanted to make sure Charlie was a part of the excitement!

Gavin first day of 2nd grade Charlie morkie dog

He said taking pics with mom IS cool. <3 him!

Gavin first day of 2nd grade with mom

He even smiled as we both walked down to catch the bus!

Gavin first day of 2nd grade bus

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About Jennifer MomSpotted

Jennifer, the mom behind the Mom Spotted blog, is located in Western Ma. She has three boys, Johnny (13), Gavin (7), & Sawyer (2). She is married to her high school sweetheart. On Mom Spotted you'll find a fun selection of recipes, family fun, product reviews, and more! You can also find her on twitter @MomSpotted and Facebook.


  1. What great pictures of the first day of school. It was our first day of school in a new state so it was quite the day. I agree that it’s easier for them to just join in our insanity that to fight it. And, I over rule my kids and I go to the corner. bahahahaha They’re lucky I’m not hugging and kissing them. =) But, on a positive note, my oldest daughter sent me pics of her first day of college the first couple of years.


  3. Adorable pics! Gotta love the 2nd graders… this is why I teach primary, I am still cool in their eyes!

  4. Such wonderful pictures of your boys. I completely forgot to take my kids first day photos….everything was just too hectic:)

  5. I love those photos!

    Is Johnny as tall as your hubs?!

    I hope they boys have a super year!

  6. I have one son that looks and acts more like Daddy, and another that is a Mommy’s boy.

    They look happy to go back. That’s funny that Gavin wanted Charlie in on the action.

  7. At least you got pictures. I hope my kids never stop thinking pictures with me are cool, but I know it will happen {sigh}

  8. Great pictures. Johnny looks just like his dad and I love that Gavin made his own sign.

  9. It isn’t the 1st day of school for us here.. but it does make good memories to have photos of their 1st day of school.

  10. The kids look great on their first day of school. Gavin’s sign is cute. Here’s wishing the kids a wonderful school year.

  11. Maybe I should space my kids out if I have more… so that when I’m no longer “cool” someone else will still think I am hehe. :) Landon has the same shirt as Gavin!

  12. LOL! I was thinking the same thing as Alison! I can’t believe your boys are already that old!

  13. Aww. They grow up so fast, and then they want to be their own person. There are days I wish they would stay little… then there are the teen years when I grit my teeth and remember that it wont be long before they are gone out on their own. Then we can take the RV and travel!

  14. Hope they had a great first day! My boys go back today!

  15. Great first day pictures! Our kids started last Tuesday. As a no longer cool enough mom myself, I haven’t been “allowed” to watch my daughter get on the bus in 2 years (I just peek through the window blinds to make sure she gets on okay, lol) Hope they had a great day!

  16. My kids started Monday and I also have a 7th grade boy this year! Lord help us! lol

  17. Great photos, great memories

  18. Awesome pictures! My 7th grader let take the picture in the house but told me not to post it. What he doesn’t know….I did!

  19. The difference between a 7th grader and a 2nd grader. Time flies, enjoy every moment.

  20. My son started daycare this year for the first time. He is 3. Time sure flies by fast.

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