{Wordless Wednesday} He’s Learning!


Sawyer is growing so fast these days. While he’s going to be my baby forever he’s making it pretty clear he’s quite the big boy!


I finally got in his room and made it how I had originally envisioned it. I need to grab another pack of these foam floor tiles so it comes out a bit farther but I’m pleased with how it came out!


Sawyer has been busy showing off his smarty pant skills too. My BFF taught us the sign for “more” and we practiced it only a few times before he got it. Now he does it all the time. I took this 5 second video of him doing it.

He’s also learned to walk finally. He’s the latest of my boys to walk but we weren’t rushing him either. I love this fumbling walk I caught. It’s only 4 seconds long.

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About Jennifer MomSpotted

Jennifer, the mom behind the Mom Spotted blog, is located in Western Ma. She has three boys, Johnny (13), Gavin (7), & Sawyer (2). She is married to her high school sweetheart. On Mom Spotted you'll find a fun selection of recipes, family fun, product reviews, and more! You can also find her on twitter @MomSpotted and Facebook.


  1. He sure is getting big, I bet he loves that play room!

  2. What a cool room! I must say that more is not one of my favorite words right now because Nick says it all the time, but he never adds the what he wants to it. Oh the tough communication times.

  3. OMG!! He is signing! yay Sawyer!!!

  4. Sadly it goes so quickly. I have 5 and can’t wait to watch them all grow up into whatever it is they are going to be but I look at them sometimes and wish I still had some baby time with them. I am not planning (NOT AT ALL) on having anymore, not that I planned the ones I have really, but I have more than enough to keep me busy and occupied. Plus I am not one of those happy glowing pregnant women so I have no real desire to do that again but I do miss the baby in all of them.

  5. He is so cute and has grown so big! Nice to see him progress through your blog posts.

  6. He’s such a cutie :)

  7. What a cutie! I love those foam floor things too!

  8. I feel like I live next door to you watching all your boys grow… although I haven’t seen your other boys in quite a while. How are they doing? Sawyer I think everyone is just waiting to see what Sawyer will do next. hehehe He’s getting so big… don’t blink Mommy you’ll be crying on the corner waiting for that school bus to pick him up or when you drop him off for his first day at school… :(

  9. What a big boy! And I love baby sign language. I’ve been thinking about teaching some to my boys.

  10. He is just too cute! Love the videos!! :D

  11. vickie couturier says:

    love the floor tiles great ideal for floor coverings

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