Our Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny™ Newborn Rock n’ Play™ Sleeper {Review}


I’ve been a fan of Fisher-Price for years. I was likely a fan as a child myself. Having my boys spaced out I’ve been able to see the changes of products over the years and they just get better and better. Since Gavin will be {GULP} six in just a few months and I had been out of the loop of infant toys for so long I turned to you guys the readers to ask what the best products were that worked for you so I could check them out.

What was the most LOVED product?
The Newborn Rock ’n Play™ Sleeper by a long shot.

Soothe, nap or play!
What makes this seat perfect for newborns is that it’s extra deep with a structured insert that surrounds them in comfort and makes them feel secure. The seat is also inclined, which makes napping more comfortable for babies who need their heads elevated. And with help from mom, baby can rock the day away—soothe, nap or play! Other features include three-point restraint to keep baby secure, a toy bunny for soothing & entertaining, and a washable insert for comfort and support. Plus it’s very lightweight, so it’s easy to move around the house.

The thing I couldn’t get was it was so simple how could this product be that good. I just didn’t understand. There were no bells or whistles or should I say it didn’t vibrate, play music, or need to be plugged in or require batteries for any reason. What was so great about this sleeper? Then I had Sawyer. As much as I loved his precious little self he was needy. I couldn’t put him down which at first I didn’t mind but I needed to get things done. If I tried to place him anywhere he’d wake up and cry. He just loved to be held. The swing was my best shot but it was work to get him in it. Then I tried the My Little Snugabunny™ Newborn Rock n’ Play™ Sleeper and it was like magic. he loved it.

I’d place him in it and he was instantly happy. The even crazier part was he didn’t even have to be asleep to be happy in it. Sure, he’d pass right out most of the times I placed him in it but when he was wide awake he was still happy and not screaming to be picked up. I was finally able to get stuff done! Best part? Not only was he happy and content but as I got things done and needed to change rooms I could easily move him in the sleeper. The sleeper is light weight, and locks.

For baby the seat is nicely cushioned. Baby lays on a combination of two different plush inserts. Both these inserts can easily be removed and are machine washable too. They cover his body everywhere he lays so he’s completely comfortable. There is also a safety straps so you know baby is safely in the seat without being able to fall out. There is even a loop for a toy for baby to play with. Isn’t the little bunny stuffed animal (included) adorable?

You can also see that while he’s in the My Little Snugabunny™ Newborn Rock n’ Play™ Sleeper he’s cuddled in a nice fitted hold- like a hammock. He gets to feel like he’s held which is probably why he loves it so much. I love the incline he’s kept at. My first son has severe reflux and spent months in his car seat which I can’t see being very comfy and I know as a mom I wasn’t loving it. Sawyer now has recently started throwing up and it’s not immediately after eating. It starts with a gagging and it has become worrisome for me. Knowing he is upright makes me feel so much better about it. Plus, when he gets a little bigger he’ll be able to see around still.

I can also store a binky, favorite spare toy, or outfit in the back pocket as I jump rooms or places.You can also see in this photo the button that unlocks the sleeper. There is one on both sides. Simply push them in together and the sleeper will fold. When folded it will lock again and stay in the closed position making it easy to bring up stairs or even in your vehicle to bring with you.

I love the My Little Snugabunny™ theme which makes it all the more cuter. Now I have to agree with my readers I’m so glad I have this product and can’t imagine not having it. We are even using it at night and he’s sleeping hours have doubled! Looking for a must have gift for your next shower? Make it this!

Doesn’t Sawyer look cute with bunny ears?

If the bunny ears don’t suit you don’t worry the Newborn Rock n’ Play™ Sleeper comes in many different patterns. These are just some of the different looks and styles. They even have a little lamb!


fisher price rocker sleeper baby

THIS PRODUCT WAS PROBABLY THE MOST USED AND MOST LOVED PIECE OF BABY GEAR THE FIRST 6 MONTHS, AND WE ACTUALLY USED IT LONGER. This photo is a random photo from when he was 5 months old in it, however, used it for the first year since it has a weight of 25 lbs!!! We loved this piece of gear and will recommend it to every parent or new parent. It will (and has been)  my new future baby shower gift. This sleeper also made traveling easy (by car) as it took less space then the playard and required no set up. This also made it a favorite for the grandparents when he slept over. We had both the playard, the bassinet, and a crib all available and room for all if needed but this was by far my favorite piece of gear.

*Product was easy to clean, material washed well, and we never experienced any kind of mold issues.


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