{Wordless Wednesday} Wedding Photography

I love taking pictures (obviously) but I love taking pictures of special occasions. I was excited to be able to bring my fancy camera to a wedding this past weekend. It’s the first one since getting my DSLR. Of course with a beautiful bride like my friend how could I no end up with a photo like this! Isn’t she stunning?

beauiful bride wedding photography black and white pink roses

When we arrived I scoped out the area and saw how many chairs there were and knew there weren’t enough. I was actually happy about this (even in 3 inch heels) because It meant I could stand in the back and zoom in and get nice shots. Like this:

wedding in springfield, ma forest park carriage house

Or when it’s over I can get this. Don’t worry- I never interfered with their hired photographers and I never moved from my spot among the others in the back.

wedding black & white photography

How cute is their little yorkie that they made part of the wedding? This is an amazingly well trained dog. He can walk downtown Boston leashless, never leaving their side.


Remember my hunt for a nice dress? This is what I ended up wearing. I never really wore the sweater but it matched hubby’s suit and I wanted it just in case since it was an outdoor tent wedding. The heels didn’t last into the party- I slipped my Brian James Ballet Slippers (the most comfy stuff in your bag shoes ever!!!!!).

OOTD H&M Dress & Target Mossimo Heels

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  1. says

    WOW I love the editing on the first one with just the flowers as the pop of colour.

  2. says

    You took such great photos and you look so adorable in that dress! How fun to be in the back getting great shots! =)

  3. says

    I love the first picture. It is beautiful. They should frame that picture.

    Man, Jen, you are looking FABULOUS!!!!

  4. says

    GORGEOUS photos!! And you look amazing!

  5. says


  6. http://Jen says

    Really great pics! What lense do you use? Any particular setting? Great job!!


  7. says

    Great photos!!

  8. says

    All your photos look great! I love your dress!

  9. http://Christine%20Mayfield says

    Wow those are really great photos! And I agree with everyone else your dress is super cute!

  10. http://Kayla%20Potega says

    You’re friend does definitely make a stunning bride, especially with that smile she’s beaming from ear to ear! I think you did quite a lovely job with the pictures you took, too 🙂

    Love the dress!

  11. says

    love the wedding photos and I love your dress!!

  12. says

    So beautiful! I love wedding photography. Such an amazingly happy occasion!

  13. says

    Gorgeous pictures! Love the pup!

  14. says

    She is a lovely bride. Gorgeous pictures!!

  15. says

    I’m sure your friend wished she’d asked you to stand along her team of hired photographers. You take some of the prettiest shots!

  16. http://Carolyn%20G says

    You look great! And those pictures are beautiful!

  17. says

    Awww – those are great! She’ll cherish those pics! And you look great! 🙂

  18. says

    I’ll say it again, you look gorgeous!! The bride looks like she had a wonderful wedding, her dress is beautiful!

  19. says

    What amazing photos. Are you looking to become a wedding photographer? You really did have the perfect vantage point.

  20. says

    Gorgeous, I love the first photo with only the flowers in color!

  21. says

    You look great and the happy couple does too. That’s cute they put their little dog in the wedding. 🙂

  22. says

    love all the photos of the couple. good job!!!

  23. says

    You caught some beautiful shots, your friend was a really pretty bride. I love what you wore to the wedding too!

  24. says

    What a special day that must of been with and for your friend.

  25. says

    Great photos!! I love the little puppy – so adorable. 🙂

  26. says

    Beautiful bride and beautiful photos.

  27. says

    Love the pictures! Love your dress! You look beautiful.

  28. says

    Such wonderful photos, I love how you only made the bouquet in colors. What a great dress you found, and you sure look great in it too. Classic, feminine and you can dress it up or down.

  29. http://Barnolds%20Barnes says

    I like how you did the flowers in color. Did it take a long time? We have a dslr camera but I’ve never tried that.

  30. says

    Beautiful photos.. the bride is beautiful and you look great!! Love the dress!

  31. says

    She is a beautiful bride! Great shots!! And love the dog!! 🙂

  32. says

    Gorgeous couple!!

  33. http://Jenna says

    What beautiful photos. May I ask what lense/settings you used. They are stunning!

  34. http://shelly%20peterson says

    Wonderful pics! You look great!

  35. says

    Absolutely love the photos. Soooo beautiful!

  36. says

    The pictures turned out wonderfully. The doggie is so cute.

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